Mexican turkey burgers

    Mexican Turkey Burgers

    Delicious mexican spiced turkey burgers complimented with a salsa sauce and golden vegetable rice.



    Product Description

    Mexican Spiced Turkey Burgers with a homemade salsa and golden vegetable rice.

    750 – 1000kcal & 1000 – 1250kcal Plans

    Calories 328kcal

    Protein 40g

    Carbohydrates 30g

    Of which sugars 3g

    Total fat 5g

    Of which saturate 2g

    Fibre 3g

    1250 – 1450kcal & 1450 – 1750kcal Plans

    Calories 422kcal

    Protein 46g

    Carbohydrates 43g

    Of which sugars 4g

    Total fat 6g

    Of which saturate 3g

    Fibre 5g


    Lean Turkey Mince, Salsa Sauce, Golden Vegetable Rice, Tomatoes, Peppers